Why do we ask for a handmade beer?

As its name suggests, artisan beer is the one that is made following a “recipe” of its own, by breeders that give it a different and personal flavor; By logic its production is limited, since special attention is paid to flavors and textures other than industrial brands.
An artisan beer has the following advantages over the industrial ones:

  • It does not contain artificial elements, neither in the process nor in the ingredients, the fermented one is natural and the flavors are the result of the mixture of water, malt, hops and yeast; In addition it contains fruits, spices and herbs that together with the technique of the brewery master, will give a unique flavor and aroma to this beer.
  • It is innovative, since we can create combinations of flavors to the liking of our customers.
  • It is independent and social, since since it does not belong to the corporate members, the profits remain in the locality helping its economy.
  • That is, craft beer offers quality, diversity and personal attention.

Rosita Beer

With more than 15 years of existence in the beer world, Cervesa Rosita understands artisanal beer as a product that is conceived with passion, rooted in its origins and with an objective, that each type of beer brings us different shades, but with a Common nexus: Recipes that excite.

The artisan of the gourmets

Rosita has conquered the best dream palates and chefs in the world, she is present at one of the best restaurants with Michelín, such as Ferran Adrià, Juan Mari Arzak or Carme Ruscalleda. Made with natural ingredients, it is a beer of author without aditus or consrvants is not filtered nor pasteurized and combines maltas type Pilsen with honey of thousand flowers of Perello and water of the Moantañas of Prades, internationally awarded is present in fourteen countries, they are very beer like Australia Finaldia and Japo.
Enjoy the artisan beer at www.hotelyola.com where in the Bar del Jardi corner we will serve you very cold, perfect, how do you have to be.
Discover all the variety of the Rossita in.