What can we do in our stay at the Hotel Yola

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Wellness Stay 2019
A couple of days to learn how to take care of your body and mind. “What you can do for yourself, is important too”. Choose your stay, which do you
2019 Art Course Draws Catalonia
Fill your sketch book. Inspire yourself in ideal spaces for artists. The light is fabulous and Altafulla is full of inspiring inspiration. Weeks of sketching 2019 – from the 15th

Discover the surroundings of Hotel Yola

For its localization, Altafulla offers you great possibilities to organized different activities and visits, if you like to viist cities, discover the gems who make the COSTA DAURADA, such a special places.
If you are a Natural lovely, the Gaya River was declared a Natural Wildlife Reserve in 1995, which has a ramification of trails that are ideal for sport or to enjoy the stunning views, including different bird and species such as voles, rabbits, badgers and weasels among others.

If you love sports you will find suitable places to surf or go trekking or horse riding as well as enjoying the more sedentary and relaxing aspects of your holidays.

  • Tarragona a city declared a World Heritage, The home of many ancient Roman remains, the circus, the forum, the walls, the aqueduct or the amphitheatre, which will take you back to Roman times when the city was the main Capital of Hispania.
  • Reus modernist city with a great offer of leisure and shopping.
  • Barcelona one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Si por el contrario, es un amante de la naturaleza y sus gustos se inclinan más hacia las rutas al aire libre, los espacios verdes, playas y demás, podrá disfrutar de grandes rutas a pie o en bicicleta por la montaña.


Whether it is on foot, running or cycling, the hotel Yola is the best place to enjoy Altafulla and, of course, its surrounding nature. Ggo and relax in any of the hidden coves and small beaches that you will come across during your hiking .If you like to go furder Discover the The mouth of the river Ebro, a wet area, very important in bird nesting.

If you like sports, you will find places to navigate, the sea offers you a lot of possibilities, you can also practice hiking, horse riding, etc. ... If you normally practice sport you will be able to continue enjoying on your holidays. Take your bike, we have a lot of new routes for you to discover.