Auara Project

Hotel Yola’s most important amenity is: A BOTTLE OF WATER

AUARA is a social enterprise who works with various projects which are focused on bringing drinking water to those who need it the most, using 100% of their dividends to finance these initiatives. All of this is obtained by selling a special natural mineral water born in the “Manantial Carrizal II”, in León, and distributed by Calidad Pascual

The name’s origin goes back to an amharic, an ethiopian language, word which refers to the sand storms that attack some of the driest places in the world. 

Their main goal is to help more than 200.000 people in 5 years, to fund water well projects, sanitation and storage tanks which contribute in minimizing infant mortality and illness and, moreover, to boost child schooling and women’s independence. 

They work with experimented partners and organizations who know the problem first-hand and who have shown are able to obtain long-term results, like Manos Unidas, Ayuda en Acción and Fundación Kirira.

On the other hand, AUARA’s success is also because of their bet on sustainability. They have designed the first bottles in Europe which are made with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable material. Thanks to all these actions, the company has been awarded various times with prizes such as the Ipa Awards Selección on 2016 for their sustainable packaging design, and they have also become the first Spanish social enterprise to obtain the Social Enterprise Mark. 

In addition to all of this, AUARA is a totally transparent company: they’ve left all information related to the projects they work with and private documents such as the ethical code and the explanation of the 100% of their dividends for the public to read.

Their effectiveness can be proved through several testimonies, like James Muthui’s from Kenya, who says that “The transmission and infection of illnesses such as cholera and typhus has decreased thanks to the installation of water tanks.”  

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